Music on Wheels

Music on Wheels is an international music project by and for young people from Belgium, Portugal and Norway. The project literally connects Northern and Southern Europe by bringing together young people with a common passion for hip hop. Armed with a microphone, 20 young people will work creatively on several European hot topics such as diversity and social inclusion from 2022 onwards.

Closing event: 6 may 2023, Ghent

Music on Wheels INVITES Kleine Crack x DJ Slagter x Zwerfkeet artists x i.m.polite

For the second time Music on Wheels will blow a fresh wind through culture house 'De Centrale' in Ghent.  With all guns blazing, the crew of 20 young artists presents, after three international studio weeks, a multidisciplinary manifesto on hot topics such as diversity, social inclusion and mental well-being. Multilingual verses, beats, movements and visuals merge into an energetic and danceable performance. Invited to the party: Zwerfkeet artists, Kleine Crack & Slagter and i.m.polite

A project by

Graffiti vzw (Belgium), Embaixada Da Juventude (Portugal) and Nome Kulturskole (Norway), powered by Jint vzw and the EU Solidarity Corpse