(c) Céline Lenoir

Music on Wheels, it's a wrap!

17 mei 2023

Céline Lenoir ging op pad met haar camera tijdens de repetities van de slotshow 'Music on Wheels INVITES!'. Meet the crew!


Dear spectator 

We are Music on Wheels, a 20-person artist crew from Belgium, Norway and Portugal with roots that go beyond these borders. 

During four international weeks, we have been prepping a manifest in each of our resident countries. This week, we worked at Ghent and tonight we will be showing our studio work from the last six months, in the professional and historical setting that De Centrale offers. 

The manifesto is about contemporary hot topics such as diversity, social inclusion and mental well-being. We have been working on the artistic translation of these struggles through modern dance, theatre, graffiti and rap.   

The actors, musicians and dancers of our crew personify five mental disorders and they will share their experiences of isolation, fear, pain, anger, despair and stigmas.  

The project has an open character and in each city we have built a community by inviting local artists and youngsters participating our jams and showcases. Tonight, we are inviting Zwerfkeet artists, i.m.polite, Kleine Crack & DJ Slagter. 

We have a lot in common with the artists from Zwerfkeet. Since 2019, this mobile studio of Graffiti vzw has been bolting to youth hotspots where young people seize the opportunity to experiment with music in a professional setting. The batch of ‘21 to ‘23 will occupy our stage. Presenting: Opti Rob, All Turn, Assia, Shomar, Gebruiker and more. 

I.m.polite combines hip-hop, r&b with jazz & funky influences. From an anthropological perspective, she writes about everydayness, not shying away from any subject. Cult rapper Kleine Crack together with regular producer Slagter makes menacing hip-hop on heavy beats. The duo represents everything dark and obscure. 

Enjoy the show! 
The Music on Wheels Crew